Stock Information


For the enhancement of shareholder value, Binggrae implements dividend payments by
comprehensively considering the business performance of each fiscal year, future investment plans,
cash flow situation, and stability of dividends. The company discloses the dividend decisions of
the board of directors before the regular shareholders' meeting every year and communicates the
dividend policy and plans to shareholders through IR activities and the company's website.
In accordance with the company's dividend policy, cash dividends are paid annually.

The dividend for the 58th fiscal year amounted to 2,600 won, considering the 2023 business
performance, surplus cash flow, investment plans, and other factors comprehensively.

For the next three years, the company plans to utilize 25% to 35% of the net profit (excluding one
-time non-operating income) as a source for shareholder returns. Furthermore, the company plans to
consider diversifying dividend methods upon shareholders' agreement at the shareholders' meeting.
Binggrae Dividend Status
Type 2023
(The 58th)
(The 57th)
(The 56th)
(The 55th)
(The 54th)
Dividend Type Cash Dividend Cash Dividend Cash Dividend Cash Dividend Cash Dividend
Total Dividend Amount (1M KRW) 22,989 13,263 12,379 14,147 12,821
Dividend per Share(KRW) 2,600 1,500 1,400 1,600 1,450
Consolidated Dividend Payout ratio 26.7% 51.6% - 40.6% 31.2%
Separate Dividend Payout ratio 31.9% 43.5% - 34.8% 32.3%
Dividend Yield 4.8% 3.7% 2.6% 2.8% 2.6%

* Cash dividend yield = (cash dividend per share) ÷ (arithmetic average of closing prices for the past one week from the trading day before the dividend base date (dividend closing price))