Stock Information


In order to enhance shareholder value, Binggrae provides management performance for each business year,
future investment plans, cash flow status, In consideration of the stability of dividends, we pay dividends through resolutions
of the board of directors and general shareholders' meeting.

In the mid- to long-term, we are establishing a dividend policy that realizes a dividend payout ratio of 25-35%.
KRW 1,400 was distributed in comprehensive consideration of free cash flow and investment plans.
Binggrae Dividend Status
Type 2022
(The 57th)
(The 56th)
(The 55th)
(The 54th)
(The 53th)
Dividend Type Cash Dividend Cash Dividend Cash Dividend Cash Dividend Cash Dividend
Total Dividend Amount (1M KRW) 13,263 12,379 14,147 12,821 11,936
Dividend per Share(KRW) 1,500 1,400 1,600 1,450 1,350
Consolidated Dividend Payout ratio 51.6% - 40.6% 31.2% 34.9%
Separate Dividend Payout ratio 43.5% - 34.8% 32.3% 37.1%
Dividend Yield 3.7% 2.6% 2.8% 2.6% 1.8%

* Cash dividend yield = (cash dividend per share) ÷ (arithmetic average of closing prices for the past one week from the trading day before the dividend base date (dividend closing price))