We conduct our business activities in compliance with the legal statutes and the spirit of the
law as an enterprise that practices ‘sound ethics and morality’ and respects the order of the
free competition market oriented to transparent fair competiton.

Binggrae’s Code of Ethics

We conduct our business activities in compliance with the legal statutes and the spirit of the law
as an enterprise that practices ‘sound ethics and morality’ and respects the order of the free
competition market oriented to transparent fair competition.

We pursue co-existence and mutual development with all our stakeholders by fairly distributing
the wealth and values we create through our efficient professional business activities to
all our stakeholders.

Therefore, we regard the establishment of an ethical corporate culture as the highest value
and as the foundation for developing into a highly trusted and respected world-class enterprise.

  • 목표


    A highly trusted and respected
    world-class enterprise

  • 가치


    Pursuit of an ethical business
    culture based on the principles
    of free competition and
    moral norms


  • 1

    Responsibility towards customers

    We hold a clear belief that customers are our core foundation and reason for existence, and we prioritize trust with customers. We pursue the safety and well-being of customers through honest products.

    1. Trust with Customers

    - We always tell customers the truth and keep our promises to them.
    - We actively disclose information that customers should know or that needs to be shared with them.
    - We do not disclose customer information without their consent and do not use it for purposes other than what is agreed upon.

    2. Customer Satisfaction

    - We continuously create true value that can genuinely help and satisfy customers.
    - We provide customers with the highest quality products and services they desire at reasonable prices.
    - We always listen to customer feedback, considering their genuine needs as valid, and prioritize customer satisfaction as the primary criterion for all judgments and actions.
    - We establish various communication channels to facilitate easy expression of customer complaints or suggestions, and we respond promptly and accurately to their legitimate demands.
    - When there is a conflict between customer understanding and company understanding, we prioritize considering and deciding from the customer's perspective.

    3. Customer Information Protection

    - Customer personal information should be used only within the scope agreed upon by the customers.
    - Employees and relevant staff handling customer information must comply with personal information protection guidelines and applicable laws and regulations.

  • 2

    Responsibilities towards shareholders and investors

    By increasing coporate value through management innovation and growth strategies, we protect the interests of shareholders and investors.

    1. Increasing coporate value

    - Increasing future value by conducting challenging and innovative management activities.
    - Constantly explore ideas, build innovative systems and secure competitive advantage by strengthening market leadership.
    - Continue to increase corporate value through IR activities for active shareholders and investors.

    2. Creating Shareholder Profits

    - Make decisions and perform tasks in the direction of promoting stable growth through profit-oriented management activities and maximizing the profitability of shareholders and investors.

    3. Provision of information

    - Provide quick and accurate information through various channels to meet the right and legitimate needs of shareholders and investors.

  • 3

    Responsibilities towards employees

    By becoming a company of talent reporting with the highest level of experts, we will make the company that is most desirable for people to work in the industry.

    1. Respect for employees

    - Recognize the human dignity of employees and the unique value of each individual.
    - Clean up all authoritarian elements in business processing and human relationships, creating an environment in which all employees can autonomously promote their work with conviction.

    2. Fair treatment

    - Aim for meritocracy and reward corresponding to performance.
    - Treat fairly through fair and objective evaluation and compensation.
    - Provide equal opportunities for all matters such as employee recruitment, competency development, promotion, and rewards.

    3. Human Resources Development

    - In order to foster autonomous and creative human resources that grow with the company, provide fundamental systems and actively support them.
    - In consideration of the aptitudes and talents of employees, spare necessary advises and guidances and foster human resources from a long-term perspective.

    4. Creating a safe and healthy working environment

    - Improve working conditions and working conditions by considering the safety and health of employees as a top priority.
    - It actively develops and implements programs that can improve the quality of life of employees, such as creating a cultural environment and expanding welfare facilities.

    5. Establishing a culture of free communication

    - Create a free atmosphere for employees to express their opinions or express their grievances.

  • 4

    Responsibilities towards Partner

    Contribute to common development in the long run by establishing mutual future-oriented cooperative relationships with suppliers.

    1. Fair selection of companies

    - In accordance with the principle of free competition, provide a fair opportunity for all companies that qualify for trading.
    - The selection of partner companies shall be transparent and fair in accordance with objective and reasonable screening standards for selecting the best management partner.
    - Avoid transactions with companies that have illegal activities such as accounting fraud and environmental pollution or are not clean.

    2. Establishing a partnership and creating a clean trading climate

    - Do not exercise unfair coercion or influence by using superior authority and dominant position.
    - Establish a corporate image preferred and trusted by partners by actively supporting them to grow competitively in the long run.
    - Money, entertainment, and convenience are not provided from suppliers.
    - Technical information and business secrets acquired during a business relationship with a partner company are not disclosed or used for unfair gains.

  • 5

    Responsibility to Competitors

    Respect the principle of free competition and secure the superiority of competition with true skills.

    1. Maintain fair competition

    - Competition is used as an opportunity for mutual development and fair competition in good faith by respecting the market economy order.
    - Do not take advantage of the spread of false information and weaknesses of competitors that have not been officially identified.
    - Try our best with competitors to maintain fair competition and trading order.

  • 6

    Responsibilities towards the state and society

    Contribute to the rich life and social development of the people by promoting legal and ethical projects.

    1. Compliance with laws and regulations

    - In all countries or regions engaged in social activities, laws and morality are observed, and culture, customs, and other social values are respected.
    - The tax obligation is faithfully performed by accurately preparing and managing the data that is the basis of taxation.
    - No discrimination is made on the grounds of race, nationality, gender, school, religion, and region of origin.
    - Do not infringe on the intellectual property rights of others without legitimate rights.

    2. Non-participation in politics

    - The employee's individual political conscience and expression are respected, but we do not intervene in politics as an employee.
    - Do not provide illegal or informal political funds to politicians or candidates for public office.

    3. Contribution to the community

    - Contribute to the development of the community by creating jobs through sincere corporate activities.
    - Welfare facilities are opened for local residents to which the workplace belongs and supported the underprivileged.
    - Promote and support employees' participation in community activities to promote a sense of unity between the company and the community.
    - Strengthen cooperative activities with NGOs.

    4. Environmental protection

    - Contribute to protecting the environment and ecosystem and saving resources.
    - Aim to create innovative environmental value by striving to have an environmentally friendly and economical production logistics sales process.

  • 7

    Responsibility of employees

    We are proud to be Binggrae and do our work fairly in compliance with moral norms and company regulations and principles.

    1. Basic Ethics

    - Act with pride as Binggrae employee.
    - Focus and concentrate on your work, and eliminate waste of time.
    - Maintain individual dignity and honor with high ethical values, and live a healthy consumption life according to income and fountain.
    - Fulfill its obligations and responsibilities to promote the safety of the company and shall do its best to recover in the event of a danger or emergency.

    2. Work ethic

    - Handle the work fairly without being swayed by delayed school ties, personal interests, or external pressures.
    - Comply with moral norms and laws and company regulations and principles.
    - Do not receive any money, entertainment, or entertainment in relation to their duties.
    - Never divulge customer information, company confidential information, management information, and business information to the outside world.
    - Internal transactions are not made using non-disclosure information, and information acquired on business is not leaked to the company or outside.
    - Do not use the company's goods or expenses in private.

    3. Mutual respect for executives and employees

    - Do not do irreverent words or actions that offend the other person, and keep basic manners.
    - There is no discriminatory treatment according to local gender, religion, race, etc.
    - Executives and employees do not make unfair requests.

    4. Company property and information protection

    - Know that the information or knowledge learned or acquired through work is the company's intellectual property, make efforts to protect it, and respect the intellectual property of other companies or others.
    - The company's product equipment information and budget are used for business purposes and are not used arbitrarily or falsely.

    5. No sexual harassment

    - Executives and employees strive to maintain healthy peer relationships based on gender-equal thinking.
    - Sexual harassment, etc. that violates social norms and the company's standards shall not be carried out in any case.

    6. No bullying in the workplace

    - In any case, executives and employees shall not take action that causes physical or mental pain by taking advantage of their status or relationship.
    - Bullying against social norms and company standards should not be carried out in any case.

    7. Self-development

    - Establish and actively implement a plan for the development of one's expertise and global capabilities.
    - Strive to become the top expert in its duties and aim for company-wide profits by cultivating a wide range of perspectives and knowledge about other duties.

2022 Ethics Code Status

  1. 1

    Receipt of the Code of Ethics

  2. 2

    Monitoring and improvement measures for executives and employees related to ethical management

  3. 3

    Conducting education, such as ethics management, etc