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Jumping Binggrae

Binggrae awarded Grand Prize in KMAC Management Awards 2012
Selected as the Most Respectable Business in Korea

Standing tall as the most respectable business
KMAC Management Awards 2012 hosted by the Korea Management Association Consultants
(KMAC) was held at Grand Hilton Hotel on November 13. Our company was awarded the most
respectable company of the year in Korea’s iconic Management Awards that selects 35 corporate
winners in seven fields that have shown outstanding managerial performance and customer values
through managerial innovation.
KMAC Management Awards is the Korea’s most prestigious management awards designed to
identify the best practices cases of leading domestic firms that has accomplished outstanding
performance with exceptional leadership of top management in six different fields of respectable
business award, talent management award, marketing award, quality management award and
productivity award as well as the innovation leadership field and to propagate them throughout
industry in a bid to present an overall innovative approach. 
The ‘Respectable Business Award’, in particular, is the most honorable award granted to a company
that has significantly enhanced the value of all interested parties through managerial innovation
activities in a consistent and comprehensive manner.
The final winners of KMAC Management Awards 2012 have been carefully
selected after a series of reviews and diagnosis evaluations during the
period between July and September upon entry application in June following
the announcement of the awards in April. Our company submitted a
statement of meritorious accomplishments in seven categories, including
leadership, management strategy, management information system &
evaluation system, human resources development & employee participation,
process management and value creation program & activities in June.
Back in August, the evaluation panel comprised of college professors
conducted in-depth site surveys for aproper evaluation. Our company was
announced as one of the final winners in September based on the result
of the evaluation.