Management Philosophy

For health and happiness of people, Binggrae is making the best customer value.


Picture of a smiling man  holding a daughter and son.
A messenger of bright smile to share health and happiness
Picture of two business men shaking hands.
To create the best customer value and to implement the global leading corporation to rich the world as a company full of joy and fruit of working.


Binggrae pursues the value of prestige and pride.


  • Customer

    To provide the best value for customer.

  • Quality

    To ensure the best quality.

  • Safety

    To keep the principle of safety-first.

  • Profit

    To promote the profit-based growth.

  • Manpower

    To foster personnel with professionalism and teamwork.

  • Reward

    To reward complying with the performance.

  • Social Contribution

    To implement mutual existence and sharing management.

  • Organizational Culture

    To trust each other and institutionalize innovation.