Management Philosophy

For health and happiness of people, Binggrae is making the best customer value.

Binggrae Ideology

Portrait photography of Dosan Ahn, ChangHo. 'Binggrae Ideology'
within Binggrae Mission

In the mission declared in May 2002,
the spirit of "Binggrae" the smile of the people emphasized
by Dosan An Chang-ho is held.

A messenger of
bright smile to share
health and happiness

"Why is our society so cold? Let us make the world of smile 'Binggrae' with loving heart." In a grim colonial period, Dosan An Chang-ho, an enlightening intellect of national spirit, frequently mentioned the above.

Dosan categorized the types of smile into "banggrae by infant," "binggrae by youth," and "beonggrae by old" and mentioned that these smiles are the fundamental smiles that people should have. The smile from integrity without worry, sorrow, guilt, or corruption is "Binggrae."

Dosan An Chang-ho dreamed of the bright world by people with bright smiles. The "Bright Smile" within Binggrae Mission is also a smile accentuated by Dosan. As a contributor to enhance health and happiness of people, Binggrae would like to give you joy and smile through great products. We would like to dream just as Dosan did.