Kim Koo Foundation

With the spirit of contributing to the profit for society,
Binggrae is performing sociocultural activities and social contribution activities.

View of the Kim Koo Museum & Library.

"To contribute to the national development with raising of human
resources and support for academic research activities"

Kim Koo Foundation is a non-profit public corporation found on December 29th 1993
with the private fund of 11.2 billion KRW by President Kim Ho-hyeon.
The foundation concentrates on support for domestic and foreign academic circles and fellowship for students.

Establishment Philosophy of Kim Koo Foundation

The operational philosophy of Kim Koo Foundation begins with the view of education, the foundation of ideology about the cultural state by Baekbeom Kim Koo. Among Baekbeom Kim Koo's statements, "The politics of good democracy begins from good education.
Education of knowledge and technology not on the sound philosophical foundation will be harmful for individuals and for the country. It is so for all mankind." and his word, "The country we are building will have prosperous Confucianism, liberal development of Buddhism and Christianity, and all great ideologies by mankind in terms of philosophy will come in to blossom and have fruit.
This is the free country, and such free country will make the greatest mankind and the best culture."
indicates his broad and embracing ideology of cultural state under the sound education.

Academic Studies and Promotion of Human Resources

Specifically, the foundation supports academic studies in various fields and fellowship for students.
For academic studies, the foundation supports domestic and foreign academic circles, activities and organizations about academic studies of
Kim Koo and independence movement, academic and cultural activities for promotion of ethnic culture, education to contribute to the national development and ethnic development, and R&D activities in education, academy, culture, management, and economy.

Moreover, the foundation supports merit fellowship, fellowship for students in low-income class, unfortunate students, child heads of households,
and children of men of national merit with no government support, and youth education and emotional fostering through books and audiovisual educational supplies, and the foundation also supports young generations in difficulties through training.

The Kim Koo Foundation will continue to support for various academic activities and human resources to
become a public corporation to enhance the status of cultural nation.