SOMETHING MAKES YOU HAPPY softlab We study for the happiest taste in the world.

Soft Lab

The premium class over ice cream. Please meet the Soft Lab.

Brand Story

Happy Moment, Sweet Memories Soft Lab

Just like sweet and happy childhood memories, a sweet dessert of delicious milk, happy moment. A boy who took off to find the taste of happy nostalgia wonders around, but he realizes that the happy moment stays with him.

Trust Value
100% milk
Quality Value
Most milk fat product in Korea
Fresh Value
Fresh refrigerated distribution

The premium class

The deep taste and flavor from the fundamentals of soft ice cream will get to you in many different ways.

The best combination of soft ice cream and bakery

Unique taste and flavor of bakery and fundamental taste of ice cream from premium ice cream

Ice mix, the joy from the beginning to the end

Rich ice mix of Soft Lab is great for mix or topping of ice beverages.

12.1% rich milk fat and deep espresso

The taste that makes you happy just by imagination will lead you to a whole new world.


Soft Lab in Yeonnam-dong
Soft Lab in Yeonnam-dong Map
  • Location

    46 Yanghwaro 23-gil, Mapo-gu, Seoul

  • Business Hours

    Weekdays 10:00~22:00

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