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Corporate History

  • 2000's
  • 1990's
  • 1980's
  • 1970's

Binggrae Going Global 2011~2001

Delivering a bright smile 2000 ~ 1991

  • Mar.2000    Yoplait and Together both recognized as the no. 1 brands by the Korea Management  Association
  • Apr.1999    Banana Flavoured Milk recognized as a product of the 20th century in Korea
  • Nov.1998  Launched Spicy Soya Ramen fried in pure soybean oil, replacing argument palm  oil
  • Oct.1998   Diversified business lines by launching frozen kyoja and noodles
  • May.1998  Implemented HACCP system across dairy-based drink product line certified by the Korea Food and Drug Administration
Bing History
  • Oct.1997   Launched Doctor Capsule, introducing a revolutionary type of drinking yogurt  containing patent encapsulated pro bacteria
  • Oct.1997   Implemented ISO 9001 standard certified by the Korea Productivity Centre
  • Oct.1996   Launched a healthier instant noodle free from MSG, New Myun
  • Sep.1996   Introduced Choco Gio
  • Feb.1996   Signed a franchise agreement with a Japanese confectionary company, Sun Merry
  • May.1995   Expanded Nonsan plant
  • Feb.1994     Bought a dairy product line of a local food company and its Nonsan plant, Jinro
  • Aug.1993    Officially sponsored a national industrial exhibition, Daejeon Expo

Ask First, Answer First 1990 ~ 1981