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Business Division

Binggrae is the only company that has manufacturing facilities and distribution channels of refrigeration, cold storage and room temperature products all together in Korea.

  • We are proud of securing stable financial status by making big profits in ice cream (Refrigeration), milk and fermented milk (Cold storage) divisions. In addition, we have excellent infrastructure in room temperature product distribution market, enjoying the biggest market size, thereby maximizing the synergy effect.

Ice Cream

‘Together’, is the brand name of one of the products Binggrae has developed, the first ice cream product of its kind. Binggrae Ice Cream has risen to become a major force in the domestic ice cream industry by their emphasis on two things: tradition and innovation.

  • Binggrae has brought new taste and quality to the ice cream industry in Korea with its introduction of the first ever ice cream product, ‘Together’, to the Korean market in 1974. In addition, ‘Melona’, which was introduced to the market in 1992, has also been a tremendously successful product, known as the best selling single product in Korea.
  • Also, Binggrae has introduced innovative items such as Summer Crush, Samanco and Pop-Top. Thanks to these great products, Binggrae is now expanding its market overseas.
  • The launch of Cledor, the premium ice cream brand, in 2005 shows Binggrae’s continuing efforts to be innovative.
  • With such accomplishments, Binggrae has strengthened its position as a leading company in the Korean ice cream industry.

Dairy Drinks(Milk and Yogurt)

The Binggrae dairy product business has been leading the growing domestic dairy industry, especially in fermented milk and flavored milk categories. Also all workplace obtained HACCP(Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point System) certification to provide the best fresh quality products to our customers. We will continue our role as a market leader in this market.

Binggrae’s banana flavored milk product has reached a record of over 100 billion Korean won in sales and won various marketing awards in Korea. It has grown into a popular consumer brand, which is often referred to as Pot Milk or Jar Milk.
In response to customers’ demands in the overseas market, Binggrae also provides banana flavored milk in a convenient tetra pack.

  • In the fermented milk market, Binggrae is unquestionably the pioneer and market leader. In 1983, Binggrae introduced Yoplait to the market, a yogurt product that can be eaten with a spoon, as opposed to the conventional drinkable yogurt. Since then, Yoplait has become synonymous with yogurt products everywhere, and is a testimony to the success of our brand power.
  • Meanwhile, Binggrae’s premium coffee drinks “A Café La” which is made from 100% selected Arabica beans, is becoming a popular consumer brand worldwide. This will undoubtedly lead to another Binggrae success story.


Binggrae's snacks are more becoming recognized and popular in foreign markets such as Russian domestic market.
Our snacks, represented by "Kotgerang" (Crab Chips) and "Jerkey Jerkey" have been steadily earning market share in Russia in spite of the fierce competition against multinational snack manufacturers.
These days, demand from Asian markets is increasing steadily.