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Since we started exporting in 1993, we accomplished an export sales record of $15 million in 2005.
We exported $12 million worth of snacks to Russia, our biggest market. Products such as Crab Chips are very popular in Russia and we continue to make efforts to expand our market share by developing new products. Melona, one of our most successful products, has already become a familiar brand in Hawaii. Together with B.B.Big and Samanco, Crab Chips are also in great demand in United States, Canada, Vietnam, and other regional countries. Based on brilliant success through experts over the years, BC has created foreign entities in Brazil and China in 2014. Such localizaion strategies aim to establish firm and stable growth engine. For any queries or comments concerning our products, please contact Export Team.

Contact Point


  • Tel. : 82-2-2022-6395
  • E-mail. : choiboy@bing.co.kr

  • South-East Asia Department

  • Tel. : 82-2-2022-6386
  • E-mail. : hunnii@bing.co.kr

  • East Asia Department

  • Tel. : 82-2-2022-6379
  • E-mail. : durycheon@bing.co.kr

  • Russia & Euroup Department

  • Tel. : 82-2-2022-6384
  • E-mail. : sergei@bing.co.kr

  • H.Q

  • E-mail. : export@bing.co.kr